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Victims of Crimes

Being a victim of a crime is not something that is usually positive, but when it occurs in the United States to an undocumented person, an opportunity to legalize status is created through the U Visa.



The U Visa was created to give the initiative to the undocumented, to report the crimes against them and lessen the fear of talking to the authorities.

  • Victims of certain crimes can obtain a certification from the police confirming that they were victims of a crime and cooperated with the authorities, and can apply for a U Visa.

  • If Immigration approves the case, they will obtain a work permit for four years.

  • During the last year, the Immigrant can apply for residence.


The U Visa is a powerful and beneficial tool in some circumstances where a person has something for which there are no other remedies available.

It has several requirements, including a requirement to establish that the person was affected substantially and that whether or not it was a qualifying crime.

Legal advice from a lawyer is instrumental to confirm that you meet the requirements to apply and to help you with the process.


Crime Scene Tape
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